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Hey, thanks for checking out the pictures. Please leave any comments you might have.

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Question   Thanks for the Gallery
Glad to see you are keeping up with this. I really enjoyed the pet pictures, family portraits, and architecture.

Are you really in Arizona now?

- Gloria Smith 5/14/2009 6:32:50 AM

  Answer Yep! Gotta love the Southwest!

- Robert H.  10/26/2010 1:52:47 PM

  Answer These pictures are rlelay REALLY well done I say that having my own experience with professional photography and having a strong appreciation for good lighting. Rudy- you're right about how the lighting worked at the Disney Concert Hall The evening exterior shots look awesome. Cynthia as for my favorites its pretty much all the ones you are smiling in! You look great and Luis is rather photogenic I didn't think I had any competition! LOL You two make a very attractive couple! Can't wait for the wedding! I can't get enough of this natural light it works so well for you two you know thats why films are shot out here for the light . if we had bad weather, everyone (myself included) would move to a different state.

- Jan Jan  3/21/2012 10:52:40 AM

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Question   Nice Work
I am an Irish landscape photographer and I think you have some really stunning photography in your gallery. I could browse for quite a while. You can check out my site if you like by following the link below. Peter


- Peter Gordon 3/12/2008 3:23:20 AM

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Question   Website
Hi Robert, just wanted to say that I enjoyed visiting your web page. I'm a member of betterphoto.com as well and just got my website up and running. I've been viewing others websites to learn more about how it all works. I enjoy your photos. I am a big wildlife photographer. Yours are very well done. Take care.

- Laura Sutton 11/16/2005 5:29:36 AM

  Answer Thanks for great comments and for taking the time to leave them in the questbook!

- Robert H.  12/2/2005 10:49:28 AM

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Question   Great portraiture work!
I came across your site on BetterPhoto (I am too a member of this great photographic community) and I want to say that your portraiture work is truly inspiring! I very much enjoyed your Portraits / People gallery - very professional and with great sense of presence! Keep up the good work, the photo of the Butterfly Girl is fantastic!

Philip Pankov
Pictures of Ireland - Fine Art Photographs

- Philip Pankov 10/3/2005 4:25:34 PM

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Question   Photos & Web Page
Great photos, super website. Keep up the good work.

- Bob Blumenberg 8/1/2005 10:32:01 PM

  Answer Amazing photos, enjoyed browsing through them. Breathtaking and inspiring!

- Robin H.  5/28/2007 5:59:56 PM

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Question   Chevy photo
Great job, Rob. Congrats on another award!
Love, your sister

- Tanys Thoms 6/20/2005 2:35:49 PM

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Question   Website
Lovely images you have captured. Been browsing through them after commenting. Lovely work

- Chris McQueen 6/18/2005 6:19:06 PM

  Answer Greetings,

Thanks, Chris, for taking the time to view the images and for taking the time to leave the wonderful comments. They are appreciated!


- Robert H.  6/18/2005 8:44:05 PM

  Answer Always the best content from these prodigious wtrires.

- Teyah Teyah  9/22/2011 10:46:36 AM

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Question   Enjoyed looking at your pictures
Welcome to f/Stop Camera Club.
We are glad to have you as a member.

- Renée Skiba 4/30/2005 7:42:24 PM

  Answer IMHO you've got the right aswner!

- Xantara Xantara  9/23/2011 3:13:11 AM

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Question   Very Nice
Hi Robert.....
Very, Very nice .....
And welcome to f/Stop camera club....

Geri Laehn
f/Stop Camera Club

- Geri Laehn 4/29/2005 12:42:03 PM

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Question   permission
I am a fourth grade teacher, and my students have become avid birders. I would like to copy some photos to an overhead transparency for quiz identification. (The students love doing this). Would this be ok, if I gave you credit?

- Robin Squier 1/9/2005 7:55:40 AM

  Answer Greetings,

That shouldn't be a problem.


- Robert H.  1/10/2005 7:08:16 PM

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