The Question:
from Gloria Smith Thanks for the Gallery

Glad to see you are keeping up with this. I really enjoyed the pet pictures, family portraits, and architecture.

Are you really in Arizona now?  Previous Response:
from Robert Hambley
on October 26, 2010
 Yep! Gotta love the Southwest! Previous Response:
on March 21, 2012
 These pictures are rlelay REALLY well done I say that having my own experience with professional photography and having a strong appreciation for good lighting. Rudy- you're right about how the lighting worked at the Disney Concert Hall The evening exterior shots look awesome. Cynthia as for my favorites its pretty much all the ones you are smiling in! You look great and Luis is rather photogenic I didn't think I had any competition! LOL You two make a very attractive couple! Can't wait for the wedding! I can't get enough of this natural light it works so well for you two you know thats why films are shot out here for the light . if we had bad weather, everyone (myself included) would move to a different state. 

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